5 Reasons to Choose Fitted Wardrobes

5 Reasons to Choose Fitted Wardrobes

Determining whether to go for a free-standing or a fitted wardrobe may not seem as if it is the most important decision that you will ever have to make, however, when it comes to comfort and usability in the home, it becomes undeniably very important indeed.

There is an abundance of advantages to installing fitted wardrobes as opposed to free standing wardrobes. Here are 5 of the most important:

  1. Space

One such important advantage is the space. You can save ample space by filling up all your clothing, shoes and accessories – all organised in a storage unit that fits perfectly, alongside the wall of your room.

  1. Aesthetics

From an aesthetic perspective, you can ensure that the fitted wardrobes will perfectly fit in with the existing features of the room. One great design idea is to have the coving returned to the front of the units, giving the impression that the units are part of the room and built when the house was built.

  1. Material of choice

You can also choose both the type of material and finish you desire for your built-in wardrobe. You can change the doors on your fitted wardrobes to update the style or, if you decide to redecorate your room, you can easily replace the doors to match the new look. Additionally, other fixtures, such as light and electrical features are easily incorporated into fitted wardrobes, a luxury that free standing wardrobes cannot boast.

  1. Adaptability

The versatility of a fitted wardrobe is another great bonus over a free-standing wardrobe. You can add pull out units and drawers at any stage and the wardrobes can have flexible internals that can be modified to suit the family needs as it grows and changes.

  1. Maintenance

Cleaning is not an issue either, as fitted wardrobes don’t have any gaps at the sides,the bottom or on the top.There are no dust traps that are difficult to clean.

So, now that you have a clearer understanding of why built-in wardrobes are a much more desirable, satisfactory and effective than a regular free-standing, come and see a wide collection of Beautiful Fitted Wardrobes at Capital Bedrooms.


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